Training plan exercises for download Nike by Coach John Smith

A guide to building a strong foundation with coach john smith and English Gardner

Coach John Smith, legendary sprinting champion, world record holder and elite coach, partnered with Nike+ Run Club to create a guide giving runners access to his simple and proven training methods. Coach Smith shares techniques to increase balance, endurance and mobility whether its your first run, fastest run or most fun run. It starts with a plan.

“Whether I’m talking to someone just starting out or coaching elite-level athletes like Carmelita Jeter and English Gardner, I’ve learned that you don’t want to work against what comes naturally. You want to build and enhance it. You want to educate every runner on how to use the tools they already have.” - Nike+Run Club Coach, John Smith

Coach Smith works with professional sprinter English Gardner to demonstrate techniques. The focus is on training muscle groups through stretches and exercise that can be added to your existing workout routine, or as light practice by themselves.

Coach Smith’s Find Your Stride Program Highlights:

  • Foundational drills, tips and insights for every runner
  • Recommendations for supplemental N+TC workouts to further power your training

Tailored exercises strengthen different parts of the body related to running form including the upper body, core, lower body and feet. The program helps runners gain an understanding of how every part of the body contributes to the run. Exercises and drills aim to increase balance, endurance and mobility to build proper running form from the top down.

Strong Lower Body Prevents Injury

When you think legs, you probably think quads and hamstrings first. But you shouldn’t overlook the other important muscle groups. Strengthening the hips and glutes will improve mobility and flexibility, and help protect you from some of the most common running injuries.

Check out the App N+TC Leg Sculptor workout and tips to apply it to your run.

Feet = Foundation

Your feet are your foundation. If the foundation is shaky, the repercussions flow right up the body. Every landing and every push-off involves your forefoot, arches and ankles, so it’s absolutely essential to prepare your feet to handle that repeated effort through proper agility and balance drills.

Strengthen Your Upper Body

Even serious runners tend to neglect the upper body. The importance of your strength above the waist only increases as you ramp up mileage and intensity. When workouts get tough and fatigue sets in, a strong upper body will bolster your form, improve your posture and enhance your breathing.

Upper body exercises from the plan include tips like keeping your elbows hammered back to maintain an upright pose, and not making a fist to stay relaxed.

Keep Your Form With A Strong Core

Your core controls your form. The abdominal and back muscles are responsible for stability, balance, posture and overall control. A powerful core won’t eliminate fatigue, but a weak one will lead to a collapse of form.

Nike+ Run Club Coach, JOHN SMITH:

A world-class sprinter and world record holder in the 440-yard dash, Coach John Smith has touted the title since the 1971 Pan American Games. Today, as a coach, Smith works with some of the best runners in the world. He brings a holistic approach to training, with a focus on strengthening each part of the body to build a solid foundation.

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