12 solid core exercises for better runs

A strong torso makes you more durable and powers your runs, helping you go faster, longer When you think of running muscles, all the biggies in your lower body probably come to mind: glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves. But your core — which, BTW, goes way beyond a “six-pack” — is actually one of the most ... Leer más

Cross-train to become a better runner

Switching up your sport can help you build strength and prevent injury We don’t need to tell you that running is hands-down awesome. You’re here, so you already know that. But running shouldn’t be the only way you work out, even if it is the love of your active life. You need to cross-train — ... Leer más

A strength routine for runners

Give your runs some muscle, make room for strength-training in your routine Most diehard runners prefer to spend their time on the road, not at the bottom of a squat or with a dumbbell pressed overhead. We get it. If you love your sport, you want to do your sport. Plus, to get better at ... Leer más

7 Habits that will make you a stronger runner

Want to get faster, go farther or just feel more energized on your runs? Time to adopt these lifestyle behaviors off the road (or track or trail) News flash: You’re not a runner just when you run. Those other 23 or so hours of the day? You’re a runner then too. Which is why the ... Leer más