How to build a playlist to power any run

The right music can help you move faster, longer, and with a little more swagger, here’s what you need to know to be your own DJ If you’ve ever forgotten your ear pods for a long run, we’re guessing you never made that mistake again, yeah? While listening to the thud-thud-thud of your feet, you ... Leer más

12 tips to help you run faster

You can be a faster runner, unlock a new personal record with these adjustments to how you think, breathe and train If a runner were granted three wishes by a genie, one of them would probably be to run faster. (The other two might be for perfectly crisp, sunny weather every day and for runs ... Leer más

Exercises to run by Coach Jay Johnson from Nike

Train to run with Coach Jay Johnson Myrtl Routine by Coach Jay johnson The Myrtl routine gets its name because it focuses on your "hip girdle". All the exercises in this routine either strengthen or help provide a greater ranger of motion in this area. Lunge warm-up by Coach Jay Johnson These 5 exercises are ... Leer más

Guide to start running for kids Nike

The goal of Ready, Set, Go is to help you become a better runner by introducing you to our World of Running. We already know that you are a runner. Did you? There is no doubt about it! You are a runner! The only question is whether or not you are running. After this, you ... Leer más