EMOM Workout With adidas Runners

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Join adidas Runners Iman Said and René Dau as they demystify the 'Every Minute On the Minute' (EMOM) routine. Dive into this dynamic training method where you'll tackle 5 reps of 3 high-energy exercises every minute, interspersed with short recovery periods. Need a gentler approach? Opt for 3 reps to maintain a steady flow. The ... Leer más

Ab Workout With Perle Morroni & Melvine Malard by adidas

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Get ready to elevate your speed and power alonside Olympique Lyonnais Féminin Players Perle Morroni and Melvine Malard. Under the expert guidance of Performance Manager Antonin Da Fonseca, this exclusive core-focused session is designed to enhance your agility and explosiveness. Explore a powerhouse of exercises targeting your core muscles from every angle. From dynamic crunch ... Leer más

Full Body Workout With Leon Goretzka

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Unlock Strength and Flexibility with FC Bayern Munich's Leon Goretzka, as Fitness and Athletic Trainer Peter Schlösser takes you both through a carefully curated series of targeted stretches and exercises. This full-body workout promises to leave you feeling invigorated and accomplished, regardless of your current fitness level. Join us as we delve into a comprehensive ... Leer más

adidas Originals CLOT Superstar by Edison Chen (2024)

adidas Originals by Edison Chen CLOT Superstar

Following their inaugural partnership debut during Shanghai Fashion Week, adidas Originals and Edison Chen announce their first global footwear drop, the CLOT Superstar by Edison Chen. adidas Originals by Edison Chen is here to bridge together the legacies of two iconic figures and this shoe signifies the beginning of a new era that will redefine ... Leer más