Running 42K Marathon Training Plan Nike

The Marathon is the ultimate road race. And the Marathon training journey is the ultimate running experience. You’ll gain the endurance you need through weekly long runs and recovery runs. And you’ll work on becoming a more efficient runner through a large selection of Speed Runs. Most importantly you’ll be a smarter runner ready to ... Leer más

Running 21K Half-Marathon Training Plan Nike

The Half-Marathon is a great race that challenges and celebrates you as a runner and athlete. You’ll work on become stronger by building endurance with Long Runs and Recovery Runs. And you’ll work on developing your speed by taking on a wide variety of fun Speed Runs. This 14-week half-marathon plan will help you get ... Leer más

Running 15K Training Plan Nike

This 14 week training plan combines Speed, Endurance and Recovery to get your ready to tackle a 15KM This plan is built to adapt to your experience level, but it’s alsouniquely flexible to your needs. Here’s what you should know toget the most out of the Nike+ Run Club Training Plan. The training calls for ... Leer más

Running 10K Training Plan Nike

The 10K is one of the most popular distances to race in the world. The training calls for a combination of speed and endurance. That means you’ll get to run Long Runs that challenge you. And you’ll run Speed Runs that excite you. And you run Recovery Runs that make you stronger. Then you’ll be ... Leer más