Proper breathing techniques to boost your running performance

Your inhales and exhales can make or break a run, experts say this technique can help you go faster, harder, longer, with less effort Breathing seems so basic. You do it all day, every day, usually without giving it a second (or first) thought. But if you’re looking for a simple way to make your ... Leer más

adidas running shoe ADIZERO Prime X Strung (2022)

Zapatillas adidas ADIZERO Prime X Strung

adidas unveils the boundary-breaking ADIZERO Prime X Strung, a running shoe wired for speed. The latest in adidas running tech innovation, the ADIZERO Prime X Strung is the first time a shoe from adidas record-breaking ADIZERO range features a data-driven Strung upper. It also marks the first time Strung has been commercially available following the ... Leer más

How to build a playlist to power any run

The right music can help you move faster, longer, and with a little more swagger, here’s what you need to know to be your own DJ If you’ve ever forgotten your ear pods for a long run, we’re guessing you never made that mistake again, yeah? While listening to the thud-thud-thud of your feet, you ... Leer más

12 tips to help you run faster

You can be a faster runner, unlock a new personal record with these adjustments to how you think, breathe and train If a runner were granted three wishes by a genie, one of them would probably be to run faster. (The other two might be for perfectly crisp, sunny weather every day and for runs ... Leer más