Running 42K Marathon Training Plan Nike

The Marathon is the ultimate road race. And the Marathon training journey is the ultimate running experience.

You’ll gain the endurance you need through weekly long runs and recovery runs. And you’ll work on becoming a more efficient runner through a large selection of Speed Runs. Most importantly you’ll be a smarter runner ready to take that ultimate starting line.

Nearly all of the 90 runs in this training plan have an accompanying Guided Run in the Nike Run Club App. This plan was designed around an 18-week schedule, and our Guided Runs are built to adapt to your experience level and intended to be uniquely flexible to your needs as you prepare to tackle a Marathon. Whether you’re twelve or eighteen weeks from race day, you can jump into this program whenever it suits you.

You are in control of what you put into the program and therefore what you get out of it. Our recommendation: Plan on training for at least 12 weeks before the marathon so you can comfortably run and complete the programmed workouts.

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