Guide to start running for kids Nike

The goal of Ready, Set, Go is to help you become a better runner by introducing you to our World of Running.

We already know that you are a runner. Did you? There is no doubt about it! You are a runner! The only question is whether or not you are running. After this, you will be.

To become a better runner you need to run. That’s obvious right?
But if you want to keep getting better, you need to enjoy running. You need to have fun running. You need to love running. And that is what Ready, Set, Go is all about.

We’ve put everything in here you need to start your running journey. You’ll learn about running and you’ll become a smarter runner. You’ll run different workouts and you’ll have fun running.

By the end of the Ready, Set, Go Run you will be ready to take off on your own running adventure. But don’t worry. You will never really be running alone. You have parents, family and friends, teammates and competitors to run with you along the way. And you have the Nike+ Run Club. We’re here to provide all the support and cheering you need to get going.

Always consult a physician before allowing your child to begin any exercise program.

So get ready to work hard. Get set to have fun. Because it’s time to go! We believe in you.

Chris Bennett,
Nike+ Global Head Coach

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