Exercises to run by Coach Jay Johnson from Nike

Train to run with Coach Jay Johnson

Myrtl Routine by Coach Jay johnson

The Myrtl routine gets its name because it focuses on your "hip girdle". All the exercises in this routine either strengthen or help provide a greater ranger of motion in this area.

Lunge warm-up by Coach Jay Johnson

These 5 exercises are not only a great warm-up and a great way to strengthen your core but they also get you working in all three planes of motion: sagital, lateral, and transverse.

Pedestal Routine by Coach Jay Johnson

There are two keys to this routine, the first to engage the muscles around your belly button and to breath throughout the duration of each exercises and the second is to be very aware of your "line" or body positions. You should be able to draw a straight line from your foot to your shoulder in each of these three exercises.

Back Routine by Coach Jay Johnson

The following set of back exercises is a great general strength routine that is simple and can be done by runners of any level. If you've had lower back problems in the past, try only 1-2 reps of each exercise then wait a few days to ensure that your not aggravating any pre-existing conditions or previous injuries.

Medicine Ball Routine by Coach Jay Johnson

The medicine ball routine is a classic example of old-school training that has stood the test of time. Start with a light medicine ball. A 4 or 6 pound ball is fine for most women. A ball no heavier than 8 pounds is fine for most men.

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